Prescription Drug Voucher Program

Our Prescription Drug Voucher Program ensures that individuals within public facilities have access to the medications they need upon discharge. This program is ideal for departments of correction, county jails, state hospitals, county clinics and other similar organizations.

How it works

When an individual needs to fill a medication upon discharge, the sponsoring program enrolls them through an ArrayRx-supplied online enrollment system. The Voucher Program is available through any pharmacies that participate in the ArrayRx pharmacy network. Plus, it provides substantial savings and can be configured to include a select number of medications paid for by the sponsoring program with up to a 30-day supply.

Because the program reflects the drugs the sponsor organization will authorize for payment, it does not require prior authorization or step therapy on any drug approved. And, to ensure effective cost management, the Voucher Program can apply a maximum dollar amount per dispensed prescription.




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What's next?

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