Pharmacy solutions for states, by states

ArrayRx is a collaboration of state partners with one common goal — to create pharmacy solutions that are accessible to the people in our communities.


Pharmacy Benefit Management Program

The ArrayRx full-service Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) Program is for fully insured and self-insured groups. Participants will enjoy competitive pricing and complete transparency.

Discount Card Program

The ArrayRx Discount Card Program allows participants to save on medications. The program is state-sponsored and offered to residents at no cost.

Prescription Drug Voucher Program

Our Prescription Drug Voucher Program ensures that individuals who receive prescription drugs at a public entity can continue to access the medications after they are discharged.

Medicaid Fee-for-Service Program

We are currently developing a Medicaid Fee-for-Service (FFS) Program to bring its transparent services model and interstate collaboration approach to state FFS programs across the country.

“...PillarRx applauds ArrayRx’s efforts to bring something unique to the marketplace that truly puts their clients’ needs, wants, and goals first above everything else.”

- PillarRx Consulting, LLC

PillarRx is a leading firm dedicated to delivering pharmacy benefit consulting, PBM audits and copay assistance services. In August 2023, PillarRx completed an assessment of ArrayRx by reviewing their proposal response and standard PBM client contract. They also completed a pricing analysis. PillarRx found that ArrayRx is truly a 100% pass-through solution and their transparency is apparent in both the financial aspects of what they provide to their clients as well as their general operations.


Because ArrayRx was created “by states for states” and other public sector purchasers of medications, we provide a full suite of drug purchasing and management solutions that focus on effective stewardship of taxpayer funds and improved outcomes. ArrayRx offers: Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) programs, workers’ compensation services, prescription drug voucher services, and state-sponsored prescription drug discount cards. In the future, we will add a comprehensive suite of Medicaid fee-for-services solutions for Medicaid agencies.

ArrayRx services are available to any government institution that purchases prescription drugs or Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) services, including state agencies, counties, cities, school districts, correctional facilities and public higher education institutions.

An optional, free, state-sponsored prescription drug discount card is also available to participating states.

As a state-backed prescription drug purchasing service, the more public sector entities that join an ArrayRx program, the better the pricing we can make available to all Participating Programs and Member States.

ArrayRx provides prescription drug services to states, public sector organizations and other participating organizations. We offer two levels of participation: Participating Program and Member State.

The Participating Program is for state and public sector organizations that do not have statutory language supporting their ability to be part of a state consortium. In this role, the Participating Program will have no direct influence on ArrayRx’s master contract with its subcontractor(s) or have decision-making authority as part of the ArrayRx Steering Committee. A state or other participating organization can document any unique requirements in its services contract with ArrayRx. ArrayRx will then deliver services based on those terms and conditions.

States may join ArrayRx as a Member State if they have statutory language that supports cooperation with other states and regional consortia. Member States can designate a single individual to participate in the ArrayRx Advisory Council. The Advisory Council meets monthly to review ArrayRx goals and projects to gain insight into the needs of all partners, and a shared understanding of pharmacy best practices. Oregon and Washington will each have two permanent seats on the ArrayRx Advisory Council.

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