Who we are

ArrayRx, formerly Northwest Prescription Drug Consortium, delivers transparent and value-based pharmacy solutions that address the unique needs of program participants. These participants include state employee groups, government programs, participating state, county and city organizations, and private employer groups.

How we got our start

In 2001, Washington State Governor Gary Locke organized a workgroup for the Prescription Drug Project. This interagency workgroup included representatives from the:

  • Health Care Authority
  • Department of Health
  • Department of Corrections
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Department of Social and Health Services
  • Labor and Industries
  • Office of the Attorney General
  • Department of General Administration
  • State Board of Health
  • Office of the Insurance Commissioner

Together, they analyzed state-purchased care programs to explore options for cost containment and service delivery alternatives including how states could purchase drugs effectively.
In 2003, the Washington State Legislature instructed the director of the Washington Health Care Authority to make a way for state agencies that purchase prescription drugs to control costs without reducing the quality of care when reimbursing for, or purchasing, drugs. The solution became known as the Washington Prescription Drug Program (WPDP). In 2005, the legislature expanded WPDP’s mission by authorizing it to adopt policies necessary to establish a prescription drug purchasing consortium. The consortium would include a drug discount card for consumers and pharmacy benefit management services for groups.

In 2003, the Oregon State Legislature authorized the formation of the Oregon Prescription Drug Program (OPDP) to help increase access to prescription drugs by the uninsured and to lower drug costs. The legislature authorized OPDP to create programs to pool prescription drug purchasing power, use evidence-based research to develop a preferred drug list of lowest cost drugs, and secure competitive discounts with pharmacies. In 2006, Oregon voters approved Measure 44. This measure expanded OPDP’s authority to extend eligibility to anyone in Oregon without adequate prescription drug coverage and bring transparent pharmacy benefit management services to groups.

In 2006, Washington and Oregon established the Northwest Prescription Drug Consortium, which allowed WPDP and OPDP to coordinate their programs and resources that pool their drug purchasing power to lower costs, negotiate discounts with manufacturers, centralize the purchasing of prescription drugs and establish volume discount contracting.

In 2021, the Northwest Prescription Drug Consortium changed its name to ArrayRx to reflect the broad capabilities that are available today. These capabilities enable state agencies, local governments, non-profit entities, labor organizations, uninsured consumers and others to use the various programs and services it oversees. These programs and services deliver prescription drug delivery and management, improved price controls and purchasing power that ensures better prices on prescription drugs.

ArrayRx is not new to the pharmacy space. The ArrayRx Steering Committee is made up of a team of veterans who have a strong understanding of the pharmacy supply chain with over 100 years of aggregated experience in various sectors of pharmacy benefit management and contracting. We operate as a public entity. Stewardship of tax dollars is our highest priority. This means we hold our contractors to the highest standards possible and work to bring the highest possible value for our partners and participating programs.

ArrayRx is also open to welcoming new state members who can add to the collective knowledge and purchasing power. Together, our “for states, by states” motto truly takes form.

Our mission

To provide high-value pharmacy solutions overseen and administered by states’ public sector purchasers of prescription drugs where transparency and stewardship of tax dollars is the highest priority.  

Our vision: To be the most trusted pharmacy solutions provider in the industry.

Value that’s rooted in collaboration


Because ArrayRx was created “by states for states” and other public sector purchasers of medications, we provide a full suite of drug purchasing and management solutions that focus on effective stewardship of taxpayer funds and improved outcomes. ArrayRx offers: Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) programs, workers’ compensation services, prescription drug voucher services, and state-sponsored prescription drug discount cards. In the future, we will add a comprehensive suite of Medicaid fee-for-services solutions for Medicaid agencies.

ArrayRx services are available to any government institution that purchases prescription drugs or Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) services, including state agencies, counties, cities, school districts, correctional facilities and public higher education institutions.

An optional, free, state-sponsored prescription drug discount card is also available to participating states.

As a state-backed prescription drug purchasing service, the more public sector entities that join an ArrayRx program, the better the pricing we can make available to all Participating Programs and Member States.

ArrayRx provides prescription drug services to states, public sector organizations and other participating organizations. We offer two levels of participation: Participating Program and Member State.

The Participating Program is for state and public sector organizations that do not have statutory language supporting their ability to be part of a state consortium. In this role, the Participating Program will have no direct influence on ArrayRx’s master contract with its subcontractor(s) or have decision-making authority as part of the ArrayRx Steering Committee. A state or other participating organization can document any unique requirements in its services contract with ArrayRx. ArrayRx will then deliver services based on those terms and conditions.

States may join ArrayRx as a Member State if they have statutory language that supports cooperation with other states and regional consortia. Member States can designate a single individual to participate in the ArrayRx Advisory Council. The Advisory Council meets monthly to review ArrayRx goals and projects to gain insight into the needs of all partners, and a shared understanding of pharmacy best practices. Oregon and Washington will each have two permanent seats on the ArrayRx Advisory Council.

Administrative rule and statutes

Administrative rule

  • 431-121-2000 through 431-121-2065

Washington State statutes

  • RCW 70.14.050 established WPDP and responsibilities
  • RCW 70.14.060 established a prescription drug consortium

Oregon State statutes

  • ORS 414.312 established OPDP and responsibilities
  • ORS 414.314 created the OPDP drug discount card

What's next?

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