Ways to participate

ArrayRx provides prescription drug services to states, public sector organizations and other participating organizations. We offer two levels of participation: Participating Program and Member State.

Participating Program

The Participating Program is for state and public sector organizations that do not have statutory language supporting their ability to be part of a state consortium. In this role, the Participating Program will have no direct influence on ArrayRx’s master contract with its subcontractor(s) or have decision-making authority as part of the ArrayRx Steering Committee. A state or other participating organization can document any unique requirements in its services contract with ArrayRx. ArrayRx will then deliver services based on those terms and conditions.

This level of participation allows states to pick and choose specific ArrayRx programs to tap into. Select the links below to learn more:

Member State

States may join ArrayRx as a Member State if they have statutory language that supports cooperation with other states and regional consortia. Member States can designate a single individual to participate in the ArrayRx Advisory Council. The Advisory Council meets monthly to review ArrayRx goals and projects to gain insight into the needs of all partners, and a shared understanding of pharmacy best practices. As founders of ArrayRx, Oregon and Washington will each have two permanent seats on the ArrayRx Advisory Council.

This level of participation allows states to tap into the programs above and:

  • Attend ArrayRx steering committee (board) meetings
  • Have influence and voting rights as part of the ArrayRx on steering committee (board)
  • Be included in oversight of reviews (annual market check/benchmarking, audits and reporting)
  • Access state-specific reporting
  • Gain special access and attendance to ArrayRx-sponsored events and meetings

Who is currently participating?

Current participating groups include:

  • Public Employee Health Plans
  • University systems
  • School districts
  • Correctional facilities
  • Public hospitals
  • Taft Hartley groups
  • Medicaid agencies
  • Managed Medicaid
  • State worker's compensation programs

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